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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Chant "Fight!" Chant "Right!", loud shouts and more!
Tyrant war always raises its cruel head,
Arrest the world ere it reach a perilous shore,
Raging waves rush brazenly in war's ugly stead.

Cultivate your hate, anger mired in your hardened hearts,
Yet horrid hate shall punish thee and weary your fruitless ways,
Under a weeping sky goodness must surely be torn apart,
Anger troubles a tortured moon with a lifetime of hateful days.

Pray for salvation, perhaps a pure white dove,
Hope for peace and good earth, hope for the blazing sun,
Kneel and bow forever singing, searching for blessed love,
Wish radiant sunshine, for surely this ragged age is far from done.

Solicit deliverance, trust God open his mighty ear and hear,
Voracious hunters forever prey, requital hounds calm placid waters,
Condition sustains hungry predators, whales and minnows brace in fear,
God remits, covering divine ears and eyes, shirking all these human matters.

Where is goodness? Some corner where brilliance resides?
Is heaven simply some mystic myth or other daring dream?
Will virtue reveal itself, perhaps continue to cower or shyly hide?
What divine hymn can angels sing as right is swept away in a conscious stream?

Nail my stoved in head upon a monumental rock,
Rest my deaf right ear on some ancient glacial erratic,
I listened, patient as a cooing night hawk spiraling with its flock,
Quivering I sensed a nervous quaver, as Mother Earth spelled enigmatic.

On Turtle Island, this once hard shell has curled at the edges and softened,
Crossing oceans, across each vast deep bog, people waste their precious lives,
Wood ducks fall and fail, smother beneath drowned cottonwoods, the case all too often,
Plovers topple on desolate shores like broken sticks, mirroring desecrated beehives.

Gaze into the blinding angry sun, stare hard and long enough,
Miraculously an untainted blue Angel shall ceremoniously appear,
Hey Hey! Hey Hey! Blazing father sun! Resiliently pure, so extremely rough,
Hey Hey! Hey Hey! Ceremony, miracles and blue angels, forever dear.

Epiphany comes knock knock knocking,
Chanting Hey Hey! Hey Hey! Dripped like wax in this molten faze,
Holy drumbeat! Master sun invokes sacred names as he is talking,
Silent dew drops condense through a transparent evening haze.

New days surely dawn! Profundity shall mark this cosmic tale,
Reach each oceanic surge, death shall cleanse the ailing earth,
Anger and loss, frustration and disillusionment shall not prevail,
Through some mystic maze, beyond dark ages there shall be rebirth.

Power! Hey Hey! Resurgence! Hey Hey!
Oh burning sun! Oh blazing raging sun!
Chant, "Hey Hey!" Sing, "Hey Hey!",
Ceremony marks the holy path, Earth's sacred run.

Conjure good medicine, dream healing remedy,
Smudge and smoke! Salutations! Wave away all our earthly sin!
Nothing holds us back, nothing chains us to calamity,
Springs gush! Washing o'er us, delivered by some sacred kin!

Imagine depths, into spiritual deep, above the raging waves. Rise up immortal!
Take a ready stance, dance with Holy thunder! Rejoice within your Sacred heart!
Holy cows kneel before Isis with what she taught us, revealing that heavenly portal!
Worship daily for a great slaughter is coming, severing each and every physic part!

Common joy blessed, adorned with its common attire,
Surrounding nature and existence with purity and blood,
So you've witnessed calamity, the catastrophic fire,
When will war and wrath, come the final tragic flood?

Shall the devil himself dwell within you? Salvation!
Cast out hateful demons steeped in your watery mind and heart,
Such holy power! Prayers you own, like intuitive thought!  Ablution!
Yet moon and sun and stars, beloved earth, all Creation's sacred part.

Revelation stands before us, that sacred tree we call life,
Abide in holy Eden, in that garden God shall ne'er be cast out or hide,
Ra showers us with light, yet severs us from heaven with his cosmic knife,
Cloaked in darkness by the fearless night, trepidation ne'er subsides.

For the life of me I don't know how we journeyed here,
With the death of us I don't know the path, or where we're going.
So how doth this make thee feel? Why be there so much arduous fear?
Blood drips from our worldly wounds, still a blessed wind is blowing.

Nothing really matters, nothing ever matters,
Immense as the Universe, as small as a miniscule speck,
Swimming through this sea of adversity, all in bits and tatters,
Imbibing poisoned water like soda pop on what was to be a sacred trek.

Oh Holy of Holies! Crawl on bleeding knees into blessed places,
Goddess reveals lost sacred traces, midst all these pressing things,
Devils and demons desecrate the world and so many ancient places,
Razing all Earth's precious singing forests and sacred singing springs.

We are precious everything and we are priceless nothing,
We are the Universe, yet we are but a single atom in God's hand,
We fumble laughing, tumbling hysterically, we stumble crying,
Elephants trumpet roaring lions, copulating in Creation's blessed hand.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sappho, in a single word.
Lesbian world unfurled.
Why not lesbians?
Why not more lesbians!
Population control tool, of sorts.
Reduce friction, conserve marmalade.
Love? What love? Free love?
Let lesbian love be heard and seen.
Why not more love?
What is love, but marmalade,
Without bright orange peel,
Or burnt toast, nor bland unsweetened gruel,
No butter nor margarine,
No virgin oil at all, and no pits,
But heavy on the lemon rind,
Kind of sour and bitter at times,
But desirable and best when chilled,
With pink grapefruit juice,
And other flavourful liquid or fluid,
Body juice, oral juice,
Juice from the source,
Juice from the deep well,
Juice of love and juice of mango,
Dripping wet with emotion,
But never frigid, nor glacial,
Dribbling wet through rose coloured glasses,
Running love's rampant race,
No disgrace or about face,
Out of every orifice,
Frothing like a cold soap stream,
Bubbling like a hot soda spring,
Dessert at the end of the day,
Where two legs meet,
Kissing two lips,
Cooing adoration,
Dipping and diving into pink gum,
All those wonderful lesbians,
With their flirting eyes,
Keeping toying men at bay,
Using toy men for raucous play,
Making males ponder and wonder,
If only there were more moaning than cooing.
Why all that preponderance?
Such a delight in the soft moonlight,
Bliss in the carnal morning,
Before an early breakfast or work,
For lunch and brunch,
Enjoyed during afternoon tea,
Served like, before dinner cocktails,
That hour of solace, yet fun,
When red wine turns white under the blistering sun,
Two arms entwined,
Two hearts beating the band,
Four eyes drinking in a heady atmosphere,
All that wondrous girl love,
Leaving men far behind, crying in the dark,
Male parts hung out to shrink and dry,
Like wet pyjamas,
Drenched with morning cum,
As lovers twist and twine in a columbine of flowery light,
Ne'er reminded of those horrid boys that teased them,
No appeasement in the anxious school yard,
Ere that ring of the silent bell,
Before naked puberty took its toll,
Ere diction resolved connotation,
Before lust won out,
All those lesbian hormones,
Dancing outside denoted bedroom lines,
Bare feet pirouetting across that shimmering zone,
While breasts swell with expectation,
Whilst all the stars in the universe collide,
Culminating in swaddling cloaks,
Castigating the randy snorting bull,
Castrating the anxious bleating ram,
Cavorting bad girls escaping the harem,
Counting all the pros and cons,
On one hand, then the other,
On her left foot, then her mother's right,
Only to find the Sheik's pearl eye hath been blinded, 

Plucked out and deaf to every gem,
Opposing royal emerald ears,
 Mute to every sugar daddy tone,
Yet mastery and brilliance is magnified ten fold,
By some marvelous females radiating illumination,
That men and bastards can never rightly understand,
Which torrid lust and romance will envy at times,
While the heated beast in all of us wishes was our own.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Poem for Anita

Oh steadfast sun!
Oh faithful sun!
If only friends and lovers could be like you,
Honest in your devotion, so very true,
Never ending rays, always bright and never blue.
Yet with that in mind, a kind blistering sun!
Oh sunburnt man!
Sometimes those rays that sooth, they betray all fun!
Oh blistered man!
When you finally wake and move,
Recant the day, those sordid kisses crying in some wretched groove, 
In the dark and all alone, before the coming dawn,
Standing naked, shivering under a persevering waterfall,
Realizing everyone and everything you loved is gone,
All those sun dreams you dreamt, wondrous thoughts so grand and very tall,
Ripping open your abject heart, discovering what might truly yet be there,
Mem'ries you find, worshiped bits and pieces that hope once called,
Fragments of what once was, things at times seemed so good and fair,
Still you sit pondering, under the burning mortal sun,
All alone rehearsing love poems and songs, as if some immortal cared.
Thus you woke again, wearing an expectant hopeful guise,
All that desire and optimism you frankly shared,
Blurring hopeful vision, flooding your unbelieving eyes,
While familiar rivers of words, accompanied by endless tears, always run,
Until another bitter day is finally settled and thankfully done,
Still somehow, something better dared,
While all that something, however uncertain it was,
Rested all that pain and sorrow, all those fatal flaws,
Appeasing weeping wounds, easing blistered scars, left by an indifferent sun.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Dr. Mole and Mrs. Vole - A Comedy of Fears

Life itself!
This Universal libation!
Magnificent Blue Planet!
Vibrant! Top shelf!
Mankind, humankind!
People! Amazing people!
What an amazing find!
Genetically engineered people!
Hmmm?! Really altering reality!
Changeling gods, das ultimate plan!
Some messed up duality!
Will! Perhaps science can!
GMO organisms, GMO plants, GMO animals.
Hey! Someone's rewriting this unfolding mystery!
This is fantastic! This will be recorded in historic channels!
This will be written, digitally etched into timeless annals!
But wait a fucking minute!
This must be some kind of Agatha Christie,
No! A Darth Vader mastery!
GMO people! GMO woman! GMO man!
What the fuck! Yes we can! Yes we can!
A brand spanking new Adam and Eve!
A little bit of magic! Look, nothing up my sleeve!
Genetically engineering . . . !
Genetically modifying . . . !
Now where is that changeling rabbit that was in my magic hat?
Hey! Wait a fucking minute!
Captain Kirk! Who is at the helm of this Starship?!
Khan? Are you fucking doing the steering?!
Oh! God will be so mad!
Changing his Sacred Holy plan!
I'm quivering a bit now, this seems so fucking bad!
Oh my! Oh my goodness! Oh God! Oh woman! Oh man!
With that thought, my hand slapped to my forehead!
Oh man! Oh man! Oh man! God's gonna be so mad!
Oh geez! Oh geez! Oh pleez! We're gonna be dead!
Genetically modifying!
Isn't this black magic life like sodomy!
Isn't this some devil worshiping dichotomy?!
Take a nice ripe strand of human DNA,
With mask and gloves on, maybe blinders on too,
In some secret underground lab,
For this sordid roll in the hay!
Okay! Okay! Now just settle down!
Hey, wait a fucking minute!
Do we think God is some fucking mad clown?!
Or is science and those mad scientists,
Is that? Are they? The craziest ones around?!
Oh my! Oh Lord! Oh Good God!
Take that sacred strand of DNA,
Carefully snip it and splice it,
Manipulate fyfe, create artificial life . . .
Paint abstract lines with all this strife,
Psychedelia wades up this hypocritical stream,
Whoa! Whoa! Just hang on for a second there Mr. Scienceman!
Put the brakes on Mr. Van Gogh du Marquee Esprit with your GMO dream!
Create life?! Like our Creator has! Like God did and does!
Oh my! Oh my! My little braided mind is spinning now!
I'm feeling flushed and really dizzy!
Oh man! Oh man! Oh Holy Cow!
This is some kind of science fiction tizzy!
Oh geez! Oh pa-----leez! Just wait a minute Lizzy!
This isn't, Henry the Eighth science is it?!
No way! No way! From the tower to the chopping block,
Cutting off heads so the blood spurts gloriously out!
Blood gushing from the neck, while eyes roll, and ears still hear,
Is God near now? With all that gore and sixteenth century fear?!
Ewww! What kind of guy . . . what kind of King?!
Just so he could say the Pope was a dope,
Just so he could hatch a divorce, that pathetic captor,
His wife's severed head beginning some new variant chapter!
Toppled into a bloodied messed up basket!
So he could be King without any remorse!
Man! Oh man! This isn't soap on a string!
This isn't some dope at the end of a rope!
Seems the play is the thing!
Hey! That line has a pretty nice ring!
Don't you think?
Kablink! Kablink! But don't blink!
Or does this entire play kind of stink?
After the third act we'll all need a tall strong drink!
Geez! Rink-a-dink-dink! This ship is going to sink!
I don't know! I'm just a regular Joe!
I'm just a simple little dink, a genuine shmoe!
No mad scientist, no microscope, no soap on a rope,
Certainly no King, and I know I'm not God, or 'A' god!
For God's sake! God gave me this soul and mind and flesh and bod!
Okay, so let's just settle down, all settle down . . .
Whew! Take a big breath, clear our minds,
Maybe if we all just slow down for a sec,
Just maybe we'll realize, that we shouldn't be playing god,
We shouldn't be fooling around with DNA and sacred creation,
If we stopped  for a second, we'd understand that,
Shouldn't be happening at all,
Not in any ritzy lab or modulating station!
Oh rats! Oh holy cats!
Genetic engineering!
Weaving new life . . .
Oh good golly Miss Molly!
Who's wielding that sharp science knife?!
Who's in control?! I'm shouting, I know that now!
Okay, I'm going to try to quiet down somehow.
Take a deeeeeeeep breath, clear my boggled mind,
Ommmmmmmmmmmmm! Mani Padme Hum Ommm!
Can you hear the wind in the willows?
Is that a real scientist . . . dressed all in white . . .
With his mask and his gloves, with his keen science knife?
Everything neat and tucked in tight!
Yes! Yes! I see more clearly now!
Just give me a second so I can focus my rife sight,
My oh my! Well whadaya know! 
Indeed! It is Mister Mole!
I thought that furry little devil looked so . . . ?
Familiar! Wickedly so! I know! I know!
Look! There that little devil goes!
He's scrambled back into his little mole hole!
Oh geez! Oh geez! Oh God! Oh pleez!
Is Dr. Mole taking a tunnel down to hell,
For a conference with that master changeling hisself!
With Lucifer's autographed book of alchemy sitting high on Mole's shelf, demon devil!
So is mad Dr. Mole working secretly on some other level?
There's going to be hell to pay!
I'm sure of it! I'm convinced, this is so messed up!
But when we see how messed up it is,
Who's going to fess up?!
Who's going to say, "Oh! Sorry folks! Sorry God! We messed up! I messed up, hahaha!"
"I kind of feel sheepish now, hehehe!"
"But please don't be mad! By the way, that sheep we made,
that cute little woolly Dolly! Oh by golly! She was a sweet thing!"
"Wasn't she a sweet thing?! Oh my, suddenly I'm feeling all hot!"
"Whew! A bit embarrassed I guess, cuz I seem to be turning all purple and red!"
"Hehehe! Oh those guilty ones! Not me! No sirree!
But those others, they sure know how to spin a fine line!"
Okay! Take a deep breath and remember not to whine.
Oh my! Oh my! Now I'm feeling so much dismay!
But come on now! Who the hell is going to fess up and pay?
Who's responsible for all this messed up play!
Genetically modifying the world like some toy,
Genetically engineering a new girl and boy,
Or are those superhuman soldiers you're making?
How many souls have been lost with this grave undertaking?
Oh this is so alarming! Really  Dr. Mole, frighteningly disarming!
These experiments of yours are not even close to being charming!
This isn't like hybridizing peas or cross pollinating with bees,
Or any kind of good farming! Don't you see!
Open your eyes and your narrow profit mind,
there is no margin for this kind of rancid bargain.
Don't you see what your harming?
Or is that your true ultimate goal?
Mr. Mad Scientist Mole and compliant Mrs. Shareholder Vole,
Don't you see you're digging a huge hole!
Oh my! Oh geez! God is going to be so damn mad!
Or do you think God will somehow be glad?!
Do you think you'll get to heaven,
Where God will pat you on the back,
Tussle your hair with his Holy hand?
Say, "Good boys and girls! You've done such a splendid job!"
"Just like Steve Jobs did, him making that Iphone!"
"Oh just a sec my children, that's my ring tone, I need to take this call!"
So God is busy, taking a billion calls, toddling down the shopping mall,
And here we are lingering, down on cool planet earth,
Genetically modifying, so Colonel Handles and Uncle MacDonald,
Can have something new at their fast food venues,
A Chicktator burger, or McMooupchuck dinner on their menus,
Could be take-out, or take-away, at that fine modern diner,
With fifty different GMO herbs and GMO spices,
Don't forget that special GMO sauce that'll make the plastic seem even finer,
Looky here, that GMO food even splices and dices!
Oh united! Such gladness and happiness! Life full of mirth!
Celebrating scientific victory after profiteering victory!
But now let's just carefully measure, modifying possibilities,
How about three months from conception to birth!
What has all this done to the breadth of your girth!
Hmmm! Okay, so we've put on a few pounds.
Who cares!@Life is short!
Besides, Fukushima is still melting down, and that we can't abort,
And ISIL, well hell, those fool fanatics are still raging around,
And Colonel Handles and Uncle MacDonald and Mr. Monstrosito,
Well heck, they still need to make a big profit!
And believe me this isn't some Vatican Descanto!
But Hark! Off in the distance!
That voice, calling to us from the wilderness!
Listen intently and oh so very closely!
Cup your ear with your hand, so you better understand!
Is that some prophet, wailing in his madness!
Or is that just mother nature, crying because of her sadness!
Or some singing forest, a chorus caroling Holy songs!
Nah! You're imaging things! We're imagining some fake golden things,
Forests don't sing! You foolish twerp!
Those sounds are just distant bells and various rings,
Up on fat cat street, down on Wall street, over on Fleet street,
Where Shopmart traders get together and meet.
But still, someone's splicing and dicing,
Every little thing spliced and diced, particularly nano nice!
Chopping some GMO onions to cook up with that GMO rice!
And GMO corn, GMO rape seed, GMO potatoes, and GMO wheat.
GMO, GMO, GMO, GMO, GMO animals, a real GMO treat!
Okay! Whoa again!
How much of this messed up stuff do we need?
Genetically engineering, switching things up,
A nice shiny mirror image, of what once filled our cup,
So, creating GMO life, modifying DNA with your big science knife,
Let's see what you've done, take a close look in the mirror,
Hmmm! Not quite believing my eyes, scratching my head here,
Not quite sure if I agree with all that I see.
Okay! Another deep breath, take a closer look at what is truly there.
Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Mani Padme Hum Ommm!
Live and let live!
But remember, this is the human race,
We're supposed to be full of grace,
Looking into that magic mirror on the wall,
Is there any good reflected, real good that we should embrace?
Oh my! Oh my! This doesn't appear to be well thought out,
Staring at that image, an opposite reflective view!
Live looks like evil! So fiendishly backwards!
Aren't we supposed to be traveling forwards?
Oh shit! Why didn't someone say something in the first place!
I'm panicking now, beginning to tear out my hair!
Why couldn't we see? Evil is actively motivating this race!
Geez! We should have known better!
You know! Cuz God is going to be so mad!
In the beginning, God spoke these words,
"Let there be light!"
In the beginning this was God's show!
But now! Oh Holy Cow!
We're in trouble Big Brother!
Lamenting our poor ailing Mother!
Our failing planet, this wounded earth!
She's not so full of happy, and I don't see much joy or mirth,
She's grieving for all her children,
Every living thing is suffering,
All the plants and the birds,
All the lions and tigers, elephants too,
Giraffes and rhinos,
Those few exotic whales,
Still sounding and still remarkably blue.
Mother Earth she's weeping, for all things she once had,
All the moles and the voles,
All the females and males.
Oh God is going to be so mad!
I can tell you, we haven't been careful,
God's not going to be glad!
If God comes down to earth,
Comes here as flesh and blood, in some miracle,
Wanting to talk with his creatures, like some oracle,
Wanting to enjoy a sunny walk through this jungle, His Eden!
Wait a minute! I think we need to hide our heads in shame,
Not just bury our dumb heads in the sand,
That's pretty fucking lame!
Just the same, just the same,
So we've polluted this earth,
We've saluted some obnoxious stupid flags,
Those uncaring things would have made better rags,
We've paid Kings handsomely,
Or was that payment most often a ransom? Gee!
Oh God is going to be so damn mad!
He's going to give us the finger!
Likely he'll wipe us off his map,
Cuz brother we've fallen,
Into our own damn trap!
Now we're in debt, cuz we've gambled it all away,
Now we're going to have to pay!
Pay dearly, I'm sure!
Pay with our lives!
Pay with our souls!
All because of covetous foolish kings and belligerent stupid queens,
And ignorant careless presidents, reckless governments and other greedy has-beens,
All because of grabby Mrs. Vole and dastardly Mr. Mole.
God is going to come around and find us,
When he does, he'll grind and chew us up, spit us out,
Feed us to his three headed dog that is always enraged,
While the devil squats there on his hot rock, patiently waiting in hell,
Laughing his head off, raking his ragged horns against his hell fire cage,
Basking in those infernal flames, pleading with God to let him loose again,
Ready to clamber out of that rotten bog, dragging and rattling his heavy chains,
Rise out of his horrid punishing shame, arise once again with his chastening game,
Ready to pick through all the stinking garbage, GMO leftovers and rubbish remnants,
Dressed to the hilt in Satan's finest hellfire vestments,
That inevitably, when we're gone after this critical run,
After all testaments have been spoken and are finally done,
Thus nothing but a decaying planet remains,
Void of hybrid strains or anything or anyone,
Vacant and feral, spinning 'round a morose forgotten sun.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Flesh and Blood and Bone

So I'm stripping off all my clothes,
Diving deep into fresh water,
Such an adventurous powerhouse otter,
Into that infinite diving radiance,
That deep deep pool of sacred fresh water,
I'm searching for my lonely soul,
Hoping I'll discover someday,
I'm not a wounded soul at all,
But a part of some connected realm,
Where infinite love pervades every being,
And at the end of this long hard journey,
At least in this dimension and existence,
I'll finally discover myself,
Being part of something bigger and much grander,
Than simply myself,
This lonely little boy,
That has wavered and wondered,
Wandering off my virtual path,
Throughout my harried lifetime,
All too often,
Finally coming to a space,
Where we all meet,
Unafraid of each other,
No matter our colour,
Our creed, our upbringing,
Our mistakes, our drawbacks and difficulties,
Our insecurities and our ineffectiveness as human beings,
Find that we can be together in perfect solace and humility,
No matter if we have been sinners and thieves,
Or adulterers and criminals, war criminals and murderers,
Or hateful or perverted, sorrowful and defeated,
No matter if we have been executioners,
Or Kings and Queens,
Or captains and generals,
Or rich or poor,
Or serf or peasant or president,
Or losers, deceitful with one another, with our families,
No matter if we've been beaten by our fathers and mothers,
Tortured by our brothers and sisters,
Betrayed by our friends and allies,
By those we loved and those that should have loved us,
Every waking day, every waking minute and hour,
Should have loved us in our hopes and dreams,
Accepted us as human,
Accepted us as part of the family,
As part of the extended family,
As part of the clan and tribe,
Accepted us as brother and sister,
As mother and father,
As aunt and uncle,
Accepted us for who we were,
Taken us warmly, lovingly into the fold,
Should have reached out,
Brought us in, encouraged us,
Loved us well,
Enough love to bring us closer,
Inviting us to that blazing campfire,
That so many have shared,
In their camps and caves and villages,
Where together people would,
Should collectively share stories,
Of their, ours, yours, mine, ancient past,
Share hearty songs and loving poems together,
Regarding glowing embers,
Gathered within that knit group,
With happy joyous contented faces,
As a sparkling shower of sparks and warmth and sacred smoke,
Billowing up into the generous sky,
That beautiful sky, where all together,
Conjointly, with our arms around each other,
Comforting each other,
Letting each other know,
That we all care and love and need,
Watching and sharing and loving,
While a million stars and planets twinkled above us,
Each and every night on all our journeys,
Immersed together in this thing called life,
As we are one in the end,
And with God's blessing,
We'll all discover that truly,
We are one and the same,
Flesh and blood and bone,
All with hearts and lungs and arms and legs,
And eyes to see and ears to hear and tongues to speak,
In the end we'll discover in some joyous happy manner,
We are all souls,
And our passionate Creator,
That Great Spirit,
Our compassionate God,
Loving each and every one of us,
All the same, equally,
No matter how many times we have stumbled and fallen,
On our journey and individual paths,
No matter if we have gone astray along our route,
But enroute, in the end, when we die,
When we leave this flesh and blood and bone body,
When we leave this mortal thing called life,
When we finally close our eyes,
Take our last breath,
When our generous heart stops beating,
We shall all faithfully find,
Each one of us discover,
Together we are finally home.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Poems Out Of Dreams

All these poems,
Out of dreams,
Dreams writing poems,
High in the billowing clouds,
Words flying across the blue sky,
Floating over ocean waves,
Diving into the depths of the cold sea,
Where whales sound,
Discovering untold mysteries,
With King Neptune frolicking,
Swimming with shimmering mermaids,
As titanic coral reefs rise gloriously,
Pristine from the ocean floor,
All the way to the awesome sky,
Where we fly,
Yet if something refuses to fly,
It inevitably crashes,
So we must learn to fly,
So we don't crash,
Even though we don't have feathers or wings,
Even if we just learn to fly,
In our perceptive mind,
Otherwise down we come,
Gravity forcing us,
Where we crash,
Some times burn,
Some times land,
A soft landing,
Or a hard landing,
To the unforgiving ground,
All in our minds eye,
Depending on how weighty,
Depending on how lopsided,
Depending on how aerodynamic,
Our thoughts are,
How lofty our ideals are,
How full of air our lungs are,
Depending on if we are hollow,
Or if we are dense or narrow,
Down we'll come,
Falling in our dreams,
Discovering, finding that in the end,
Our story always concludes the same,
Or almost the same,
Either soaring forever,
Eventually reaching enlightenment and Nirvana,
Or descending, plummeting like a stone,
Arriving in our liquid dreams,
And slowing sinking,
To the bottom of the sea,
Realizing we are one with nothingness,
Discovering gravity has no hold on us,
We are but we aren't,
So we become Heaven,
So God wraps us in his nothingness,
So we become God,
Where we discover all things have passed,
Where Buddha and Jesus and Mohammed,
Have dwelt all along,
Beings simply like us,
In that spectral light and dimension,
Where the dream and the poem and the song,
Are all the same vibration,
Existing on the same wavelength,
Performed in the very same key,
Where nothing is nothing is nothing,
Forever more, all the way to infinity.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Dark Dark Night

Deep in space,
Voices are calling us,
Beyond the known universe,
Our Creator is beckoning to us,
"Step into my divine Light",
God is yearning for us,
"Open your fortuitous third eye",
Our Creator is anxious for us,
Somewhere in space and time,
A place few have ever gone,
Is patiently waiting for us,
While the good earth turns,
While the enduring moon sings,
While the vibrant sun shines for creation.
So here we are,
Immersed in all our wonderment,
Crying and weeping alone,
While all the oceans grieve,
While flocks of birds fall,
Deathly still from the polluted sky,
While humankind struggles,
Through each hour,
With broken hearts,
And soon no matter,
How much we pray,
Nurturing blessed day,
Will turn to dark dark night.