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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

When Love Leaves Us

When love leaves us,
Alone and wrung out,
Broken heart grieving,
Buried beneath disparaging weight,
Haunted night after haunting night,
Calamitous into disastrous thought,
Desperately stirred with incarnate loss,
Forever that deep abyss, tainting us blue,
Simple joy seldom finding us,
Wanting love never saving us.

I've written myself into words and sentences,
Paragraphs from dreams, sketched black and white,
Fairy tales imagined deep in the dark wood,
A rich glade where sorcery escaped the world,
Residing in the Necromancer's hidden forest,
Birds teaching nature with its verbiage and nouns,
Intonation conducting sound, tone with each conjuring,
Pronunciation seeking parable, plainly balanced midst abject chaos.

When I wake in the night, in the endless day alone,
Vividly remembering your taste your smell your love,
Intoxicated so long ago, tragically far away,
Destiny's current drifting us so far apart,
Knowing I will never return, you can't ever stay,
Quiet weeping, faith carrying us through each sunripe day,
Prayer finding us again, remorseful on bleeding knees,
Blessed heaven, not some tragic place of pain or hunger,
Skirting eternity with flocks of luminous angels,
Externally rounding cosmic variegated days and nights,
Eden's ripe fruit hanging, dangling plentiful and low for all to eat,
Remarkably grateful sky, awash with lover's dreams and tears,
Legions fettered and lost, loved souls drowned and drowning,
Sacrificed by ruined love itself within that deep universe,
Cascading snowflakes, vagrant raindrops into a nether sea,
Barren love falling, falling and falling forever falling.

Life after merciless love, 

After tortured death,
After traveling a million years,
Navigating a thousand life times,

Romance after exotic romance,
Universe through universe,
Earth beyond earth,
Dust into fine dust,
Love after love after cruel love.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Sunshine Before The Thunder

I think I've gone mad now,
Wild dogs keep barking at my gate,
Earth worms speak to me somehow,
My hands bleed as I toil, signaling fate.

Ravens come croaking stories, grafting other migrate tales,
Scavenging ancient myth from some mysterious hidden place,
Soaring far above this turbulent world as anger rants and rails,
Illusions condition deceitful clouds, escaping without a trace.

Waking in a fire dream, squatting beside a flickering Brujo,
Everlasting incense swirling, skirling prayers and phrases into smoke,
Sipping carnal knowledge, drinking from pools of bromine mojo,
Chipping intonation with sparkling flint, embarking into a fumarolic stoke.

Buddhist sentiments align with condiments along a spicy alter,
Medievil tapestry adorns this faithful pedestal where commitment lives,
Symbolic refrains and phrases, atonement better uttered, grace ne'er did falter,
Curled sticks grant consciousness to essence, unfurling certainty as blessedness forgives.

People have become complacent, gnawing on black and shattered bones,
Folk becoming desperate living dire, deformed places goading us with sharp slivers,
However it seems few of us are e'er reminded, remanding forgotten ancient tomes,
Ultimate destiny recognizing memories, navigating canyons and running deep rivers.

Sweet mango relish drifts like perfume, fragrance suspended on a equatorial breeze,
Aboard and awake on deck again, warily swabbing mahogany shipwrecks in a slippery sea,
Angry waves dash me ashore time and again washed and gashed, I lay spent but appeased,
Living bows to another sunrise, flood tides stripping death of reward with stippled me.

Gleaning rich profits, mainlining money like heroin and hardrock candy,
Why not herald our addictions, view this world through smug ruthless eyes?
Mountains of devils food cake, potent potions and virility seems dandy,
Maiming heaven men defile honour, craving desirably sly and devious lies.

Greed has marginalized our future, confusing thoughts of wrong and right,
Barbaric hath delivered us to the gates of rampage, rage manifesting a garbage heap,
Purity hath been imprisoned, something so very awry, all things robbed of intrinsic light,
Lethargy hath cooked the golden goose, losing that deep sacred we dearly hoped to keep.

Immersed in dangerous pools, swirling round all our hallucinations,
Whirling into some unknown, darkness wrapping itself around all life,
Prophetic signs paint relief by faith, pointing upwards with all our protestations,
Staging pompous acts , our Leviathan appetites engaging a bloodied knife.

Blood creating planet strains, veins altering our compromised atmosphere,
Mercurous lake, poisoned rising ocean, dammed river, spoiled radium spring,
Polluted soil, choking air, spirit body and ethereal mind, yet only a virtual tear,
Sacred vision has been lost, tossed hopes cry out, desecrated by everything.

Dreaming exalted Sperm Whales, clans drifting head down in the dying sea,
Forty catastrophes, ocean regions depleted of every fish and all forms of strife,
Dead zones growing astronomically, still pirates rape, pillaging free of every levy,
Water planes, subsonic whale song reforms joy to a dirge, bemoaning awful life.

Honesty should be served with our cannibal nature, consume population,
Tear out hearts, bleed the world, greedily devour every good thing raw,
Bludgeon children, squander life as we are tackled in this final conflagration,
Declare gluttonous war, admonish poor foreigners, diminish aliens with a profit only law.

More power more riches more wealth, barriers deflated then inflated so strong,
Pump crude oil, slash forests, mine oceans for snug corporates, smug corporal worth,
Peasants surviving plight and aggression simply to live, is not a moral wrong,
Waking on this abysmal crest rests a Sacred Turtle, still blessed by Mother Earth.

Curving carnival mirrors disfigure nature with strangely real impurity,
Deep oceans well up, roiling like cyclones in the midst of this desecration,
Sanctity flounders with this Cyclops terror, snagged by extreme insecurity,
Profiting tongues babble like broken records, preaching to a new generation.

Balancing I tip, elephant trumpeting, a physical lip on my extended trunk,
Possessing a wee jungle portion, glorious terra firm rising up to meet we,
Dreaming again, still trumpeting energy, manifesting silence as I monk,
Though I fail to speak, while merely smiling, the stars will even hear me.

Dissension feeding a smoking mongrel fire,
Like air like smoke dressed in reckless attire,
Ascension scaling forever higher and higher,
Like air like smoke like some sweet desire.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Soft Kisses

Soft kiss,
A sweet summer breeze,
Delicate cravings, touching flushed skin with this,
Intoxication descends embracing acclivity, fiery zeal ne'er a simple tease,
Fragrance exploring this perfumed romance, promises whispered by a girl and boy,
Exquisite clouds shamelessly caress amorous limits, a distant beckoning savory realm,
Passion mirrored by this fragile sky, a boundless sea bathing erotic with swells of joy,
Lovers adrift anchored by enchantment, mastering bliss on an intensely turgid helm,
Carnal waves rise and fall, Eros adoring all that love Romeo and Juliet captured,
Cooing love and words, perception painting sensual dreams with such beautiful pleasure,
Remarkable flora and fawn wooing this flourishing domain, love blossoms enraptured,
Morning dew and honey dripped into this vast ocean, love spellbound with this rich treasure.

Friday, August 4, 2017

On The Bus

When that big yellow coach turned the sharp corner,
Transiting I acutely returned to the obtuse former,
Rumbling that intrepid bus rolled up to the intersection of Joyous and Hoped,
Looking at my wrist I watched mindfully wondering what choices approached,
Turning right that noisy transport negotiated a corner continuing its grumbling way,
Crowding ethereal thoughts I wondered if this time I should go or stray,
Nearing Cook and Baker the angle seemed as if an oven had been raised to toasting,
Grilled to maximum my boiling point whistled accused a steaming self of parboasting,
Roasting on my seat I felt myself floundering again sinking into another deep aquarium,
Sharks wrestled amongst teeming buckets of leaking chum redecorating my sanitarium,
Connecting to another universe my feet paddled uncontrollably through that murky water,
Grazing a blooming sun pop art zoomed excitedly past flaming desserts that wailed "Hotter!",
Triumphant horns blared as that big growling vehicle reasoned turning sharply from Season onto Exception,
Traveling rapidly stars fell into some nervous plight just missing delight passing a rising reception,
Central station plowed more plaza weary passengers onto platform 'Be' across from never awake,
Past a green through a yellow over a faint rainbow I envisioned a responsive lapping lake,
Stopping at a red light formulating a new and placid path down a mythical new road,
Avenues of transient ideas my ticking thoughts rambled blind reciting another material code,
Stout roots grew firmly from the bottoms of my feet into center my serrated leaves fluttering as I shivered,
Sheaves of blue grass bunched round my rotund trunk as my thin bark wept and my skinny branches quivered,
Queer birds nested laying eggs and ova sparkling stars woven intricately into a new thicket of sheer space,
Truth guessed at what lay next while opportunity and turning wheels thundered and raced,
Beneath every spring and bolt under fenders of bumpers searching for signs what read 'Next',
Bequeathing revolutionary anarchy before a surrealistic earth quaked speaking a simple text,
"Find courage!", squashing words into a back of the bus corner squished redressing a basic cringe,
Teetering on madness I imagined loneliness attempting to paint exits with a critiquing tinge,
Seeing a bundled woman falling asleep ahead of me dreaming of galaxies above and below,
Aunty Social squirmed restlessly as nuance and screams shouted at a loud transmuted foe,
Nebulae twisted conforming to every relative curve and groove along that harrowed street,
Narrowly missing scores of curbside passengers touching silent lips to tired moaning feet,
Twisting around wicked curves and vagrant corners that reckless bus harangued every crack,
Speeding now we all hung on a maniacal red faced driver racing down a crazed and narrow track,
Realizing another verse was prizing I traced forward rendering a transfer to another terminable time,
Exhibiting caution our coachman griped both hands on the steel wheel while I crossed a tenacious line,
Fare rhymes came to mind while worn brakes screeched with contentious issues and slim facts,
Stopping at Shore and Beach picking another rift of passing tides rising and falling in wavering acts,

Transposition firmly in hand I rose reaching towards heaven so I might leave reticent ringing a prescient bell,
Front foot stepping rightly thinking I left departing there and flying free across a crescent dell,
Lights turning yellow as a timeless clock struck midnight while the yielding quarter moon sank into a frothing sea,
Waking on the edge of an abyss I witnessed passion drowning in a bottomless ocean where all deep dreams must surely be.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Its been such a deliriously hot summer day,
My squinting eyes have summarily iced over,
A popsicle room has refreshed this month's stay,
Sweltering July finally surrendering a lover,
Drought turned brown grass to a crispier gender,
Significant rain with-held a sweet rendering,
Clambering with midnight my bare feet curled tender,
Lapping at love's sweat we foundered in dried clover,
Remarkably you lounged happy, under the tired languid moon,
Completely undressed, hearing a glorious hymn chortled by a loon,
I laid recklessly amazed by your amber side, shamelessly naked as well,
Wond'ring if August might evaporate too, deliquesced in this dell,
Precisely the stars in the quiet night sky, dissolved one by one,
While shy love grinned impressed, by all we had done.

Monday, July 31, 2017

One minute to midnight, deliverance and safe solutions are merely indelible myths,
Legend reminds us giants roamed the earth, searching for fresh blood and new gold,
Glorious birds warbling favoured mysteries, deciphering abstract ancient glyphs,
Remarkable creation alights, each atom and molecule living in a context powerfully bold.

Valleys of darkness, so much black hole fear in this earthly space,
Such plight and strife committed by uncaring evil, yet God is asking,
"What are religions doing to make this world a better more loving place?"
So much thoughtless wickedness, ruthless barbarians carelessly advancing.

Alchemists have conjured magic from deep beneath the toxic sea,
Crucibles bubble and boil, technology has magnified our barren souls,
God turns his back watching self, revolving and evolving magnificently free,
Humankind's quest is nearly lost, religion can't save us from our greedy goals.

Frigid and numbed by this cursed fall, sacred lies desecrated in a troublesome mire,
Over all the Holy Earth, throughout prophetic purgatory, vagrant desolation abounds,
Marking in the end each hopeful beginning, everything extant thus consumed by fire,
Resounding in each universe God's thunder molds voice, divine hands holding creation.

Now cannibals and headhunters are descending from the harried jungle,
Money has come to devour your young, feasting on their proud flesh,
Rampaging across the face of a hemorrhaging earth, lopping off heads in this wild bungle,
Grinding bones, slaying villages, guzzling steaming blood, victims indebted and sorrowfully enmeshed.

Winged firedrakes and serpents rush out from iniquity, breathing doom and fire,
Swallowing refinement, piercing every heart, stealing every ounce of valiant courage,
Before this trespass, ere the warring conflagration, before this shadowy gloom and mire,
Steely war lords gripped the world too, constricting throats with their bloody entourage.

Gather courage enlightened ones, for our feared enemies are marching ever near,
Jeopardous lions crouch, silently hidden by cooling sheaves of tall unbending grass,
Unwilling a quiet moon climbs high into a midnight sky, ne'er a peep of shameful fear,
Stalking mistress time prides of ferocious predators trundle, roaring with a critical mass.

Again and again I am drawn into Eden's sacred garden,
Searching for wisdom, consuming sublime earthly delights,
Planting seeds and trees midst clumps of tall cane without pardon,
Watching pristine flourish, magnificence that song and paradise invites.

Waking in an oasis we meet spirituality, God walking and speaking heart to heart,
Resting beneath the wand'ring sky, comfortably welcome under deciduous shade,
All those elephant mysteries divulged by shafts of perfect light, glorious riffs impart,
Simplicity engulfs domesticity, journeying into that fertile realm of Eden's blessed glade.

Arm in arm we play and run,
Prying through a laughing rain,
Plying a pouting desert arbor just for fun,
Heaven whispering such a sweet refrain.

Soar following radiant elephants as eagles tower above this sacred realm,
Joining hearts and binding devoted hands, tethers spliced with strands of love,
Cultivate peace with good men surely measured, steering from a blessed helm,
Irenic Saints and Angels sing, praising oracles, high heaven prophetically above. 

Storm clouds are grazing the careless range,
If by some vagrant chance I might see you again,
Kiss your pouting lips, this runaway love that is so strange ,
Might I ever be welcome to shelter you from the crying rain?

I'd buy you a gift, a box of watercolour paints,
Coupled we would prime our splendid dreams,
Fly high in concert, touch the brilliant azure sky,
Precious love anointing us, honey mixed with cream.

Lightning bolts might raze our careless hearts,
That blazing beauty, those deep eyes your grazing smile,
How do I hold on? How can I love all your perfect parts?
Succubi and Incubi wield truth and parable, a passing trial.

Renouncing all that plight which created a world that's gone mad,
There sits the Buddhist monk meditating upon self demolition,
Dreaming of that enlightened place, where life isn't so horribly sad,
Consecrated fuel spilled upon his shaven head, envisioning self immolation.

What is this finial madness finally gripping the ignorant tragic world?
Strangling men into submission, stealing away lives and sacred breath,
While kings and presidents luxuriate, we all clearly see, yet still we're told,
Sol rises and sets like religion, Old Man moon laments, consents to imminent death.

Waking, you are here, radiant and smiling beside me,
Lying next to me, sharing generous love between us,
I keep going back, a timely place, seems so gentle and free,
Hoping love's vision, some difference, quietly embraces us.

Envisage another me another you, our accepting arms and charitable smiles,
Every compassionate dream where rainbows dance, called by a blessing song,
Prophetic places where heaven sends peace, doves settling across divine miles,
Roosting and cooing while love raises us up to perfection where we all belong.

Wading along the sacred river, from placid shallows to the deepest pools,
Waiting for an obstructed world to open wide its blind intolerant eyes,
Reticent human beings opening bigoted hearts, to live not being fools,
Perhaps with hope and goodwill, mankind might alter a myriad of carnal lies.

I don't know where we all went wrong,
Perhaps when we stepped off the promised path,
All hoping that someday we'd exist in some exquisite song,
Love wanting to find us, continually consumed by exponential math.

Just another mad Max out on the twisting highway,
We wake realizing all our beloved visions were really terror,
Burning up prudent dreams along this crooked winding bi-way,
Regarding our cracked reflections in a shattered broken mirror.

Reminding ourselves we are human with a profusion of lethal flaws,
Leaving our flawed egos far behind us, buried deep with all our fatal fears,
Destiny blindly wandering down a midnight road confined by binding laws,
A glaring sun rising above the enshrined east, washed by all its blinding tears.

In my precious dreams, enveloped by my secret world, I saw us dance together,
Kissed by a beloved nature we stood weeping in that mysterious heady space,
Mem'ries crowded together, colouring rainbow's treasured ends, forever and forever,
Staring into your dark eyes my heart finds rapture, love encompassed in that adored place.

When the grieving moon falls from the crying sky, so many unhappy sighs,
Maybe then humankind shall open its weary eyes, finding that all along,
Whether we've been kneeling and praying, even picturing esoteric signs,
God hath certainly walked faithfully beside us, humming Heaven's song.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

When I'm sixty-four,
Reveling I want to lie quenched,
Naked and glimmering in the thirsting desert,
Sweat pooling ere running in shredded rivers,
Shimmering on my rippled rectus abdominis,
Dreaming lyrically composing satyr poetry,
Penned with the tip of my blistered tongue,
Nude Artemisia reclining by my brutish side,
Grinning like a Baroque paragon,
Oil and paint liberally slathered,
Splattered across her swollen canvas,
Her moist vagina dripping creativity,
Full breasts heaving with such attentive nipples,
Painted Mars red with the tip of my rigid penis,
Spattered with exotic loops and Venus curves,
Hoops of erudite words and white cream,
Artemisia's paint box laid wide open,
Wet with a wash of excited expectation,
Heated sighs of lurid perfection,
Orally emitted with auditory profundity,
Our smiling audience gathered tightly around,
Applauding each bravo stroke and performance,
Shooting stars ricocheting into the glorious sun,
Heaven throwing open capacious golden gates,
Hell unlocking demonic fiery dungeons,
All the artists and poets and doubting Thomas' and Saints,
Milling to and fro atop high shifting dunes,
Uttering sweet nothings in that heady breeze,
Heads bowed in reverence at the spectral scene,
God Himself in happy attendance,
Clapping divinely with bright comedic eyes,
Thunder bolts introducing illustration to eternity,
Allowing light and shadow into a revolving cosmos,
Entering this abstract mood,
David's hand of God descending,
Fingering every limitless nuance,
Spraying spring water shooting fountains showering faith,
Jesus of Nazareth rolling back his tomb stone,
Wishing he'd been a poet instead of an oracle,
Nailing himself to his mortal cross,
Glad that in this final reincarnation,
Christ has happened upon this tempest,
All the sin and glory of the world unfolding,
Congregated in one sacred arid place,
Blood and wine finally mixing in his cup,
Apostles kneeling beside this tempera table,
Praying light will devour the tell-tale earth,
Sin collapsing into a Holy void,
Symphony reverberating as we all sink,
Beneath the everlasting sand,
Lost cities rising up in glory,
Shining and singing into the blinding day,
Generous Artemisia and I fearlessly celebrating hope and love,
Joy having kissed us and persevered together,

Unregretfully into timeless unforgettable and shameless art.