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Monday, November 28, 2016

So this is how it ends,
With everything busting out,
With nations busting out,
With politics busting out,
With armies and warfare busting out.
Nature is busting out,
Here, there, and everywhere,
Busting out,
Busting out of the old,
Busting into the new,
Busting in the old,
Busting out the new,
People everywhere busting,
People everywhere busted,
People everywhere bust,
Bust this crusting!
Alaska or bust!
Busted Alaska isn't pristine anymore either,
Wild salmon busting along a broken paradigm,
Grizzly bears busting along desolate rivers,
Past broken fireweed and bunched-up cleavers,
Birds busting through climate change into bursting extinction,
Oceans busting into hurricanes and cyclones,
Forests busting into carbon as they flame and flare,
Worldwide busting with a whole lot of bursting and fussing,
Busting social norms and laws,
Bursting a busted bubble with extended claws,
Busting out into space through a sacred worm hole,
Busting into dreamy inner space rediscovering that elemental place,
Busting into chaotic ingredients,
Bursting into chaos and confusion,
Busting through darkness,
Busting into light,
Busting through life,
Bursting and busting.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Kisses Sweeter Than Wine

Once I dreamed, upon a time,
Love dreams, love now such a distant rhyme,
I miss love, love's tender touch, so much more than fine,
I miss love's smiling eyes, love's passionate kisses, headier than fine wine.

While lost love weeps, awash with silent burning tears,
My polar heart drifts, castaway on floes of frozen glacial fears,
Astray on love's northern icy sea, helpless watching explorer love tack away,
Blown by a loveless hurricane, tidal love drifts far lamenting every loveless day.

Abandon fleeting love, such a ship of exquisite joy it was,
Possessed by my harried soul, I sail onward with hands upraised,
Praying happiness accompanies thou, hoping joy sings as joy sometimes does,
Honest love shall not part from an open heart, love's precious kisses forged and praised.

Goodbye is not a word I care to speak, it's love I seek, love's immortal power,
As sun sets o'er breaking ocean waves, I wish for love, such precious love I adore,
Atop a beacon tower I glimpsed love, dim love far out at sea in that twilight hour,
Hark! from this broken shore, despair heard precious love wailing, forever wanting more.

Precariously perched on the edge of darkness, staring into distant time,
My ethereal heart fluttered, each shallow breath stolen silently away,
On that varied horizon, love's icy berg rose then tumbled, trimmed with frozen rime,
I heard my lonesome self cry out, "Oh love, I raise my white flag, I surrender, so stay!"

If I might fly, if treasured love so measured might ne'er falter or tragic die,
I'd spread my feathered wings, albatross across a languid sea in search of thee,
I'd search for love, if love might show its intrepid face, still never lie,
I'd kiss love, caress love's furrowed brow, surrender love your bleeding heart to me.

If I ever find love again, hold hands with love, kiss love's Aphrodite face,
If ever I walk hand in hand with love again, if ever love cries again while in my arms,
If love e'er says again, "I love you", if love e'er beckons the sun from its wondrous space,
Surely a coy moon will fall from its stellar place, seduced by love's mysterious charms.

Proud love sails exploring seven seas, plying ocean depths in search of thee,
Imprisoned love cries out in desperate despair, yet pirate love never cares,
If errant time e'er divulge love's disparate tale, if algerine love e'er captures we,
Perfect love will recite a perfect ode, as wand'ring love rejoices, so true love ever dares.

Brave Artemis poses love atop a rocky crag caroling softly, weathering love's wanton gale,
Blessed spills across rose red lips, gladness rides ahead entranced by Apollo's perfumed breath!
Life grant me sweet love! Desire Artemis! Love's pilgrims sing songlines, pray love will ne'er fail,
Faith Artemis! 'til love drowns unforgiven in life's raging sea, 'til love is silenced by acquiescent death.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Forget words.
Articulate from your heart.
Cut out your tongue.
Let your eyes speak for you.
Ignore letters and reading.
Spin round and round til you leave all speech behind.
Climb out of your talking head.
Descend into babbling dreams.
Let thought paint subjects on your walls.
Allow the stars to be your conversation.
Permit the colour of the wind to tell your intimate story.
Charter love to stammer and murmur, sputter and whisper,
to exclaim all your silent and discordant feelings.
Forget words.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Tranquility softly stood at the foot of the sacred Mount,
Humbled Destiny, caressed by a whispering morning breeze,
Salvation is born, divinity flowing from a sacred Fount,
Worshiping clouds parading o'er that grove of sacred trees.
Standing, blinded by the sacred Sun, seeking glorious Enlightening,
Exalted by chance, Perfection strikes the world twice,
Once with thunder, announced by sightless lightning,
Twice then, so duly enshrined, as Trinity exalts life thrice,
Peace came to tell untold truth, imparting moral wisdom,
Birds flew by in sacred flocks, singing sweet songs and phrases.
War shadowed peace, proclaiming death with its horrid custom,
Demons drew nigh from darkness, drawing curtains and black phases,
Without vision, innocent pawns perish, folk peering into discordant darkness,
Countries forcing conflict, mobilize armed divisions garnished with brutish starkness.
"Save our nation!" gentle people cried from the barren plain,
"Give me gold!" shouted kings from their elevated castle towers,
War marred the plain with evil, conjuring death, vomiting black rain.
Czars and emperors barter blameless lives for rich, corrupt powers.
Guzzling from golden goblets kings grind sinless bones into bitter flour.
Generals command armoured troops, march brainwashed lads into battle,
Colonels order privates to their death, while children crouch and cower,
Majors signal forward across a burning plain, while troops rumble and rattle,
Captains trumpet "CHARGE!" into the fray, chopping heads in that bloody clash,
Armies blitz train lines, severing lifelines, exploding bombs, discharging ruthless guns,
Supporting heartless war, gleaning wealth for kings, amassing gold in their mad dash.
Impartial blood quenches thirsty earth, mothers wail while butchers steal sons.
Peace rues the day, brotherhood and concord masquerading all the violent while.
Everything pales by comparison, blaming parts that conflict as bloated corpses rot,
Saints and prophets come and go, reciting saintly verse declared in prophetic style,
Quo vadis? Is placidity coming or going? Is pacific discontent Peaceful's only lot?
Does Morbid hate-shake the hand of Surrender's gloom when Freedom's lost?
What tranquil Salvation doth goodness mark the day with, when Goodwill lies dead?
Humbled by sanctified Creation, Revelation explores blessed springs at every cost.
Implored by impious Greed, malevolent villains spout lies drenched in vile dread.
Still the sacred Mount, that blessed Fount, streaming Harmony and all that Blessed has said,
Serenity is there, oft quiet as the grave, but honest moral sanctity and sanity there dwell,
Lo! Sacred Sun, and Trinity! Struck once then twice, then on the coming morrow thrice!
Once the blind can see again, when truth sings sweet songs, life shall heal, all be well,
When love ascends the sacred Mount, perhaps then all humankind will have paid the price,
Perhaps then with love, compassion at home in every heart, perhaps Peace will come!
Ascension! Ascribed to Mother Earth, gardens of Eden, where venerated trumpets sound!
Heaven descends to this Earthly plane, so children inherit pacific shelter in that Holy sum,
A place where evil becomes live, allows 'let live', a blessed place where perfection's found.
Thus in this horrid place we've made, where terror and war have come to mar each day,
Where wealth and gold is worshiped, and so much nature lost, forever gone,
Faith and Hope burned at the stake along with happy dreams, as Angels pray,
Immoral inquisitors destroying, crucify all that's Holy, each and every crucial day.
 Still! That freshened breeze Wisdom imparts, with every blessed dawn!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Reeling Into Eternity
A Single Moment
Spinning Into Oblivion
One Single Day
Losing Myself
Drifting Ten Thousand Miles
Spiraling Out Of Control
Passing By A Hundred Years 
Downward And Downward
Harbouring A Hundred Thousand Fears
Eventually Touching Cosmogony
Weeping Ten Million Tears
Seeking Spiritual Light
Grazing Heaven's Perimeter
Crossing An Ocean Named Styx
Entering Grim Hades
Finding Blinding Darkness
So Suddenly Still
Standing Starved And Stoic
So Secretly Sublime
Surrounded By A Terrible Chill
Trocar Roughly Inserted
Sucking Guts And Essence
Bowed And Inverted
Bug Eyed
Tattooed With Glyphs
Vibrating In Deep Tonal Riffs
Once Sampled By Aliens
Twice Trampled By Sapiens
So Blatantly Salient
Thrice Crumpled By Valiant
Continually Rumpled
Still Born
Dying Forever
Yet Confusingly Never
Igniting My Burning Soul
Transformed As Distant Drums Roll
Lighting My Being On Fire
Ablaze In Cosmic Attire
Scarred Beyond Recognition
Cremated By Death's Application
Forever Turning Stones
Pitching Forward Into Alone
Leaving Flesh Behind
Nothing But Bare Bones
Scoured Clean By Pandemonium's Barren Seas
Somehow That's How It Must Be
Sampling Adder's Venom
Struck Inert In That Viper's Frenum
Such A Creamy Taste
Suddenly Comatose And Chaste
Cannibalized By Hungry Dreams
Driven Insane By Bitter Screams
Streaming  And Streaming
Grieving This Grieving
Mistral's Desert Storm
Galactic Tragic Norm
So Wildly Thick
So Wantonly Sick
Till Blind Eyes Don't See
What Bleariness Wrought
Till Morbid Won't Be
What Harnessing Taught
Whipping Metamorphosis Further Into Nether
Falling Still Falling
Crying And Calling
Yet Nothing Caught
Pushed By Ceaseless Fright
So Suddenly Light
Rament So Very Bright
Modernesto Creations
Breathing Vibrant Colours So Picasso
Drinking Fusion So Sigmund Freud
Freudulent And Picasso-esque
Into A Nebulous Place
Moving Forward At A Dazzling Pace
Forced Through A Biting Hedge
Towards A Bitter Edge
Dripping Wet From Terror
Shuddering With Every Error
Positioned Under Pouring Acid
Far Behind Me My Rotting Flesh So Placid
I'm Drowning In A Hellish Rain
A Miracle Of Relished Pain
This Ruddy Nervine Flood
Spouting Boiling Blood
Overwrought By Blazing Stars
Past Spiraling Jupiter And Crazy Mars
Outward And So Outlandish
What Terrors Will Death Yet Brandish?
Any Foregone Conclusions?
Coerced Recognition In This Lonely Seclusion
Sighing Primeval Symbols
Banging Venerable Timbrels
Conjuring Cuneiform Tunes
Envisioning Ancient Saga Runes
Pounded Into Wond'rous Beats
Forging Figments Into Succubus Teats
Counting Condemnation's Tempo
Stalked By Devilish Incubus Though
Tripping On Destiny's Finial Crest
Snap Snap Snapping!
Divest Divest!
Flogging My Dying Pale Horse
With Time Is There Still Worse?
Like A Song Unsung
Like A Broken String Come Undone
Like A Heart Unembraced
Like A Kiss Misplaced
Like A Ferocious Tiger Prowling
Like A wounded Wolf Howling
Burn Burn Burning!
Naked So Seemingly Lost
What Is Death's Final Cost?
Chained To This Dungeon Wall
My Coffin Draped With A Ragged Pall
Hanging There In Anguish
What Else Must This Passing Brandish?
I Hear Myself Wail And Call
Tortured By This Breaking Wheel
Is This Death's Final Deal?
Death's Ransom Such An Ugly Cost
But I Fear I'm Lost So Very Lost
Chanting Vacant Promises
Incinerated By Doubting Thomas'
Hidden In A Field Of Imaginary Clover
Drowned In A Frothing Sea
A Furtive Blood Red Cover
Thus Life Seems Finally Over
Betrayed And Forgotten By Long Lost Lovers
Raked Over And Over
Dragged Through Fiery Coals And Grooves
Criticized For All My Deficient Moves
Oh Peach Of Anguish
Oh Fruit Of Passion
Vital Fashion Moving
Critical Frenzy Behooving
Till Uniformity Entreated
Till Entropy Pleaded
Stop Stop Stopping!
Flinging Righteousness Into Nothing
Casting Witness Into Something
Dark So Dark Then Absolute Darkness
A Million Burning Tears
Over A Thousand Light Years
A Billion Ruined Lives
Cut To Ribbons With A Trillion Razor Knives
Yet Everything Darling
Like Holy Smoke Curling
Rejoicing Upwards In Exultant Exhortation
Revolving And Evolving
Quaking Then Shaking
Possessed By Sudden Revelation
Gripped By Abrupt Exposition
Still Sinning And Spiraling
Nailed To A Twisted Tree
Downward And Downward
Tumbling Falling
Into A Burning Sea.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Don't come to me seeking words,
I have no words that I want to share,
Anguish stabs me with a double edged sword,
Unsheathed I lay upon a bloodied pathway with a vacant stare.

Sweet generous love,
Scrupulous, an arms length away,
Just beyond selfish fucking love,
Ethically out of reach in every bloody way.

Love, like a raging storm thrumming,
Crazy love, a furious cyclone churning,
Hungry love,  a force five hurricane coming,
Livid love with its terrible tornadic yearning.

Out of a deep pit love clawed and scratched its sordid way,
Erupting in a barren heart, marring a perfect shiny surface,
Besmirched by wicked laughter and cajoling caterwauling bray,
Unshaken love has discovered that narrow fissure in this loveless place.

Why must love make me suffer such finial tortures?
Is danger and depression what makes love grow?
Can loneliness repair all this secluded damage love stirs?
All these landmines I sidestep, trying to keep sanity in tow.

Seriously, why wrap love's bloodied hands around a strangled neck?
Why strip away the body just to find that remnant of soul love left struggling?
In battle love has won, lost in some semi-darkness that corrupt demons wreck.
Honestly, there's a blatant storm brewing in my cold cold heart, it's fucking troubling.

Firstly, there is no love to be found in this arctic place,
One wonders how love ever found its way beyond this bastard crust,
Secondly, love remarked in sultry tones, painting delusion across my face,
"Two tones are better than one, even when unrealistic measures build negative trust".

All these plastic trinkets love carelessly tossed at my bruised and bleeding feet,
So much damage muse has dragged from beneath the train wreck of my broken heart,
My vagrant soul lies smold'ring on my funeral pyre, awaiting love's scorching heat,
While acrid smoke chokes and blinds me with love dancing naked after a rancid start.

If love cared, if mountains would crumble into a raging sea,
Perhaps my broken being would surrender, invite a spectral light closer to me,
Alas, love hates me, love has chained then butchered me, that I see,
Stumbling through the litter life once assembled, I don't call out for thee.

There's wreckage on this path, severed bits and pieces of what once was,
Love lanced this ripe boil, channeling all my impure vanity, drained back into a deep dark pit,
Never Never Land is wickedly calling, love is answering with hoots and hollers, an unjust cause,
Rescinding all its promises, reneging on all those failed phrases that refused to commit.

All those words I never thought, I want you, I need you, I love you,
All those glittering diamonds, shimmering silver and glimmering gold,
All that preciousness abhorrent love confided, now tainted blue,
Mistrusting love shouting truth, lying about the curvature of the earth, so I'm told.

In the end, that's all there is, no more, no less, coming 'round to love's beginning,
Turning 'round to find love's ending, dressed like a whore about to tango,
Imagining love resurrecting purity, destiny dreaming, love's world engaging,
Watching love stumble, fall, thrusting love into the abyss, amazed by this insane tangle.

Like a song bird batted out of the air, love lies there bleeding,
Love's heart pierced by an arrow launched by unforgiving death,
Poor bird battered and dying, lying there shattered and weeping,
Love's pieces disheveled, ruined and crushed, stealing away my very breath.

So love has lost, though inner battles still spill blood within my being,
Outwardly I smile, harbouring all my pain in my hidden impenetrable vault,
Love cast its loaded dice, but cheating ways did not suffice, so I'm seeing,
When I close my eyes and dream again there are no boundaries, yet love must halt.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Thinking about all those important questions, 
dreaming about myriads of enchanted dreams, 
love came by to hold my hand, 
whispering in my ear, 
kissing me on my lips, 
resting on a peaceful shore, 
pondering a placid sea, 
imagining ebbing tides and sun ripened oranges, 
picturing mosaic situations, 
coloring perfumed moments, 
as the grinning moon comes tumbling by, 
scarring the weeping sky, 
with so many epic losses. 
Thus love lands, 
grasping danger by the hand, 
tossing logic into the abyss, 
while complicity strikes a familiar chord, 
manifesting love vibes, 
into love action, 
unleashing distraction, 
beyond the realms of sustainability, 
circumventing reasonability, 
conditionally reconstituting beacons,
shining out to sea, 
guiding those that are awake, 
across the reef, 
safe passage, 
into Eden, 
a noble garden, 
where love is dropped, 
replaced by perfection, 
sacred creation, 
topped with haloed auras, 
mending bleeding hearts, 
midst magnificent garden floras, 
guiding wand'ring souls, 
to heaven's gate, 
through sheltered meadows, 
'cross stormy fens, 
winding and unwinding, 
springing along a divine path to God. 
I have not come to raise the dead. 
I have not come to guide the stars, 
or to measure time. 
I am not here to be enslaved, 
nor to be led or bled, 
chained or enslaved in some treacherous line. 
I have come to be brave, 
born to think intelligently, 
acting upon earth respectfully, 
with each heart beat, 
it's sanctioned breath I crave. 
Whether I crawl or run, 
if I flap or fly, 
perhaps soar, 
who knows what, 
there could well be more. 
What a jumble, 
revealing questions, 
each of us most surely ask, 
whether we tumble or fumble, 
each held to an iconic task. 
Whether to live, 
abiding simple threads, 
surrendering to austere days, 
or enlighten and enliven, 
creating splendid life, 
twisting Jah dreads, 
holding special mindful thoughts, 
blessed beyond ink and tattoos, 
less all the jive and poetry, 
all those lottery winnings bought, 
blatant wanton things, 
all for naught, 
all for naught. 
Gather gently, 
vital brilliance, 
precious stars that wondrous life brought. 
Embrace loving, 
ignore coveting, 
enlighten your sacred heart. 
Praise Creator and Creation. 
With hallowed soul I know, 
keeping precious faith, 
harboring Eden's promise, 
espousing glorious sound, 
brilliantly encompassed, 
all around,
compelled by trumpets and ecstatic joy, 
sustained by vibrant foundation, 
still I question my station, 
walking hand in hand, 
with my loveless accomplice, 
miraculous reincarnation.